Travel destination East Frisia

Travel destination East Frisia

Leer and East Frisia offer you many opportunities for a relaxed and interesting vacation. Use the Hotel Frisia as a starting point for your own journey of discovery.

Tourist information Leer

You can find much more information and places of interest in Leer and East Frisia at the tourist information. The tourist information is located very close to the Hotel Frisia, approx. 5 minutes away (on foot) at the leisure harbor in Leer.
Tourist Info Leer
Ledastraße 10
D-26789 Leer
phone: +49 491 919696-70
fax: +49 491 919696-69

Guided tours

Experience a guided evening stroll with the night watchmen through the historic old town of Leer. Accompany them on their walk through Leer and immerse yourself in the history of the 19th century.
Get to know the city of Emden in a tour with an expert guide. Stroll through the old town, along the old inland port, past the monuments of Emden.
Walking on the sea floor. Experience the unique flair of a mudflat hike in the waddensea.

Ferries & shipping tours

The "Germania Schifffahrtsgesellschaft" in Leer offers harbor tours and boat trips on the rivers Leda, Ems and Dollart. We would like to point out that the offers seasonal and tide dependent.
Germania Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH Rathausstr. 4a D-26789 Leer
phone: +49 491 5982 fax: +49 491 5966 info@germania-schifffahrt.de

The Meyer shipyard in Papenburg

If you would like to visit the Meyer shipyard, you can also book in advance directly from them. Dates and current information can be found at Papenburg Marketing GmbH.
Papenburg Marketing GmbH Ölmühlenweg (at „Papenburger Zeitspeicher“) D-26871 Papenburg phone: +49 4961 83960 fax: +49 4961 839696 info@papenburg-marketing.de www.papenburg-marketing.de


Hotel Frisia
Leda Hotel II GmbH & Co. KG
Bahnhofsring 16-20
D-26789 Leer

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fax . +49 491 9284-400
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